Monday, October 17, 2016

A Presentation That Stood Out

When watching the presentations last week, Penny's really stood out to me. I even changed some things on my presentation because of hers. She had an awesome summary and I could follow what she was saying the whole time. And her hook captured my attention! I also noticed how loud and strong her voice was. She sounded confident and knew what she was talking about. Penny sounded like she was really excited to share her presentation with us, but didn't go overboard on it. It was a perfect balance. I really enjoyed hearing her speak because it didn't sound like she was asking a question, she was making a statement.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016


IQ stands for Intelligence Quotient. In the article "Does IQ Really Measure Intelligence?" by Denise Mann, they talk about IQ testing may start to disappear. A recent study shows that more than 100,000 people suggest the fact that there could be 3 obvious types of intelligence. I agree with this because people are good at different things and I don't think that IQ tests really showed someones intelligence. Of course, people would argue that it really shows how smart someone is, but smarts are not all there is to intelligence. I think that social skills, problem solving, and everyday life skills should also be measured in intelligence and IQ.

If we were to keep the IQ test, how do you think we could improve it?

If we were to keep the IQ test, I think it should not be a written test, but tests that you have to preform in your everyday life. I also think that if you could somehow, not tell the person that they were doing the IQ test, it could maybe help because some people get test anxiety and get scared or anxious before the tests and end up not showing their real skills on the IQ test.

Will ink blot tests be removed from everyday psychology tests for good?

I think that the inkblot tests will not be removed fro everyday psychology because even though people are sometimes not happy with the results, they are still curious. We want to know what our personality is whether we believe it or not. If we got rid of them, I think that people in our society would be mad because they want to know what their personality is. Usually they don't believe what the inkblot test tells them though.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Willow Creek

My fiction book takes place in a tiny town, not more than three blocks long, in Willow Creek, Montana. I think the story is supposed to be told in the mid 1900s to early 2000s. The whole high school is only made up of 18 kids. They have a basketball team, but the haven't won a game in five years. The people who work at the school all have reasons to be there, but most of them are not very good reasons.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

My Favorites

I like to read adventure books and fiction books because I find them most exciting and they really draw me in! My all time favorite book/series is The Hunger Games. The first book in the series was the best one in my opinion. My favorite reading memories are when I get a book that I love and cannot put it down!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

To Watch Or To Read?

      Looking forward to going to class is not an everyday experience for me. But when we were reading The Giver, I found that I often looked forward to going to first period. However, I also enjoyed watching The Giver movie in class. I think that despite the changes, The Giver movie does a good job respecting the book because it does not cut out too many important scenes and keeps all of the main characters. There are pros and cons to both the book and the movie. I think that the movie was a little easier to follow just because the characters were explaining everything. The book was written in 3rd person so it was a little difficult to wrap my head around some of the concepts. I also liked the movie because, at the end, they showed all of Jonas's memories leaving him and transmitting into the community. When this happens, the community turns from black and white to color. In the movie, they show the memories that the different characters received when they left Jonas’s head and traveled back to the community. It was interesting because the different personalities matched the memories they got.
     A couple of cons to the movie are that they had to cut out some scenes that were in the book. This does make sense though because if they did not do this, the movie would be way too long! One thing that I did not like, was the relationship between Jonas and Fiona. I think that, in the book, the author did a good job of keeping their relationship professional. In the movie, their connection was much different. I think that this change was not for the better. Last, but not least, Jonas’s mom in the movie was not as caring as she was in the book. I didn’t like how she was not as supportive of Jonas.  
    I enjoyed the book a lot, but a couple of highlights for me were all of the details that Lois Lowry put into the story. I could really get a feel for how all of the people acted, and what the community looked like. Another part of the book that I liked was how they really explained Asher’s background. This helped whoever was reading the book get a real sense of Asher’s personality. In the movie however, I liked how Asher was a bigger part of Jonas’s life. This really showed the kind of relationship they had with one another.
     A part of the book that I did not enjoy, was the way the Giver acted around Jonas. I think that he could have been a little softer towards him. I also didn’t like Lily’s role in the book as much as in the movie. In the movie it seemed like she was more connected to Jonas than in the book. She seemed a little distant when I was reading the story.
     Looking back on it, I think that reading The Giver and watching the movie were both great experiences for me! Overall, as I contrast reading the book with watching the movie, I realize that I enjoyed them both, just in different ways.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Good or Bad?

When Arturo was sent a musical score, then later was reminded of that, I think he wishes he could say he did not remember. I would like to have all of my memories inside of me, but at the same time I would not. I wonder if having all of those memories inside of you would get stressful?

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Just the Little Things

I think that Mr. Leonard Mead is a lonely person and that is why he enjoys the little things in life like taking a walk at night. When the police car comes and pulls him over, I feel like he starts to feel like his world is slipping away from him. I wonder if after he ever goes on any more walks after that incident?